The idea of adopting a senior pet often brings hesitation for good reason. Senior pets are often in poor health and require quite a bit of veterinary attention that can become costly for the owner. However, there are many reasons why you should adopt a senior pet, the least among them being saving them from euthanization and helping them find happiness in their golden years. But how do you know if a senior pet would be fitting to your lifestyle? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why a senior pet may be perfect for your life.

You’re more Netflix and chill than beast and bulk.

Not a fan of running, walking, or any type of physical activity? You may be the perfect human for a senior pet. Senior pets are loyal and grateful but getting them to chase a stick around the park is a completely different story.

You live in a (pet-friendly) apartment.

Senior pets are great for apartment dwellers for the same reason they’re perfect for couch potatoes –they’re not very active and they don’t require a big home to roam through. Actually, they’ll probably be on the couch where you left them every time you return home.

You’re a Senior yourself.

Elderly people often long for the companionship of a pet but know they can’t handle the strenuous pace of keeping up with a puppy or kitten. Senior pets are typically house-trained and very laid-back with little interest in running around the neighborhood or chewing on your shoes.

You have a big family/mixed household.

Because of their laid-back and patient nature, senior pets are great with both kids and adults, particularly the elderly. So if your household consists of you, your spouse, your kids and your mother-in-law, a senior pet may be the perfect addition to your brood.

You’re busy.

People with busy lifestyles don’t have time to train a puppy or kitten and they can’t provide the attention growing doggies and kitties need. Senior pets are already trained and much less active than young pets, which means they require less attention and less monitoring.

You crave fulfillment and love to help others.

Do you have a caring nature and get the most satisfaction in your life from taking care of and helping others? Then you are the ideal person to adopt a senior pet. Senior pets are in their golden years and what they need most is someone to love them and give them the best ending to their long lives.