Northeast Mississippi Spay and Neuter Clinic

The practice of spaying or neutering companion pets is crucial to their wellness and the end of unwanted litters, roaming, and reducing the chance of behavioral issues. TLHS has a mandatory policy of spaying or neutering every animal adopted from us before it leaves our facility. In an effort to help our community with this practice and to help reduce the number of animals we receive due to unwanted litters, we offer spay and neuter services by appointment.

We are currently making surgery appointments for the public during our business hours with most surgeries performed on Mondays.


Female $70
Male $40

Female $40
Male $25

TLHS welcomes animals from any area to participate in our program. However, we do have some requirements for being able to participate in our community spay/neuter program. Listed requirements are as follows:

  • Any animal over the age of three months must show proof of rabies vaccination from a veterinarian. If proof is not available by the day of surgery, a rabies vaccination will be given at the expense of the owner in the amount of $10 (unless otherwise paid for at the time of scheduling).
  • We are unable to perform surgeries on the following breeds/mixes: Great Danes, Boxers, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, Shih-tzu, French Bulldogs, Mastiffs or any other brachiocephalic canine.
  • Any animal over the age of 7 years will not be eligible for our program and needs surgery through a full-service clinic.
  • We do advise knowing current heartworm status before surgery is performed. We offer heartworm testing on the day of surgery for $10.
  • If the animal presents with external parasites such as fleas or ticks, a one-time treatment will be $5 and will be given upon check in on the day of surgery.
  • TLHS reserves the right to refuse spay and neuter services to any animal in otherwise unhealthy condition. This is to protect your pet’s best interest and well-being. The owner may be referred to local veterinarians for further diagnostics or services.

TLHS also offers microchipping to the public for $20. If you would like your pet chipped, we can perform this service during our regular business hours. Pets scheduled for surgery can be microchipped while sedated.