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Buster looks like he’s having a great time with his new family, Justin!  

My name is Justin in Pennsylvania just letting you know that I’ve adopted buster!! He’s so adorable.


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Luna looks like she’s the one running the house now. Thank you for the update. 


I just wanted to send you a quick update on Tia (who we’ve renamed Luna). She settled in right away at my house and, as you can see, has made tons of new friends. She was, as promised, just the perfect dog from the moment I brought her home. I can’t thank you all enough!









Jake is very big, handsome fella. Thank you for the update.

Jake is doing well. He is up to about 65lbs and is very handsome. We just got him a sister who is also a rescue. He is a great dog. We adopted Jake from the Lancaster SPCA last June when he was much smaller.


Dog lovers know that adopting a canine companion is life changing. Not just for the new owner, but for the dog as well. We love hearing about how our pets are doing. If you have a Pupdate you’d like to share with us send it to michelle@tupeloleehumane.org.