Our most inspiring stories come from you. We love hearing about your rescued, adopted, beloved pets. Here’s a wonderful story about how a pitbull named Maggie found her new forever family.Here’s what Casey and Tim sent us:



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I did the pre-adoption paperwork for Maggie, the pitbull, on April 20th and was able to bring her with me to her new home on the 21st. (Many thanks to Kerry and the rest of the staff!!)

I was informed up front that she had been slightly bad and had gotten a little aggressive with a shelter mate, however, I felt like I owed it to her to give her a chance at a furever home. I also felt like this aggressiveness was driven by something besides natural dog aggression. When I picked her up she was anxiety ridden to the point where she would shake until she couldn’t stand up any longer. She was very skittish, wouldn’t eat out of a dog bowl (would only eat from our hands), scared of baths and very much in protection mode when our other dogs met her (did not do a thing to them but softly growl).

We’ve had her 2 weeks this past Friday and with very little “rehabbing” she is beyond AMAZING!! She is NOT dog or people aggressive. She doesn’t even bother the chickens that sometimes venture into the yard from the barn. She is the sweetest girl. She will not leave our side whether leashed or not. She minds very well and she is very intelligent. She knows these commands with words or just hand signals: sit, shake with either paw, down (lay down) and stay. She is fully house trained. She stays inside all day and does not have any accidents, never chews anything up, etc. She is the absolute best leash walker. She has no anxiety at this point except for a slight nervousness when it’s bath time. She is doing so well that she WANTS to get in the car/truck and go places with her brother and sister dog. She picked out her very own harness at Petsmart this past Saturday. On Sunday we took the 3 pups to the dog park where LOTS of way bigger and way smaller dogs were already playing. She did wonderful. No corrections needed at all. We also took them on the walking trail right past the park and she REALLY loved that. She absolutely LOVES us, her new brother and sister dogs … oh and their NamNams, Jasmine.

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that she ended up a shelter dog. She is so smart and beautiful. Just an absolute fantastic girl. I will never know why anyone would ever turn her away, not take care of her or whatever else went on. It breaks my heart for her, but then I’m also very thankful they did. They didn’t deserve her and she didn’t deserve how she was treated. I’m thankful beyond words that she is ours, that I’m her “Mudder” now. She realizes she’s got it made too. ; )

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her!!

With Much Appreciation,

Casey & Tim

Heath (16), Spencer (9) and MacKenzi (12)


Maggie (2, Champagne pup), Hank (1, black pup), Hanna (9 months, brindle pup) and NamNams (Jasmine, Hank’s great-grandmother, 15.5 yrs old, not pictured, black pup)

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