About six months ago, we received an update of a puppy named Nico who was adopted and later named Hamilton Tupelo. His new family wrote to us to tell us how great he was adjusting. We posted that update here: Pupdate Nico a.k.a Hamilton Tupelo


Hamilton Tupelo’s family has written to us again!  

Hello Michelle:

October 2, 2017 marks Hamilton Tupelo’s 1st Gotcha Day Celebration.  Over the past year he has grown to become a special member of his forever family.

Tupelo Hamilton


Hamilton loves spending time in the kitchen with his human mother and knows that if he gets dirty he must get a bath.  He can often be found waiting for a rinse before we even get to the tub.

Tupelo Hamilton

Hamilton loves playing and taking walks with his fur sister Piper Valentine and his human sister Ella Evangelene.  He tries to love on his feline sister Ava, but she never sticks around long enough for a photo. On special trips to see his beloved veterinarian he gets to ride in the car and has proven to be a great traveler.Tupelo Hamilton

Tupelo Hamilton


But most of all Hamilton Tupelo loves the quiet moments when he can snuggle on the couch with his humans to take a nap.Tupelo Hamilton

Hamilton Tupelo will never forget the quality care he received from the Tupelo Lee Humane Society and is grateful that he found a loving forever family home.

Thanks again for all that you do!  Keep up the amazing work.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip, Megan, Ella, Ava, Piper Valentine, and Hamilton Tupelo


These are the kind of stories we live for! We love getting updates about pets from our shelter that have found loving homes! If you have a Pupdate, please email it to Michelle michelle@tupeloleehumane.org.  Money collected from our Save A Life program is used to offset the costs required to transport these babies to rescue shelters. If you would like to become a Save A Life Donor call us at (662) 841-6501 for more information.