Adopting a pet can result in huge transformations, for animals and their humans alike. In our Pupdates, adoptive pet owners often share how much their pet has changed. Most animals have grown healthier and stronger —others feel so much more comfortable in their new homes than in the shelter.

Take a look at this before and after shot of Dixie who was adopted by the Jenkins family. The top picture was taken at the shelter before she was adopted. The picture on the bottom was after she was adopted and was living with the Jenkins. If you look at Dixie’s eyes in the top picture you can see sadness and hopelessness there. In the second she’s a happy girl! 

That’s what we’re about. That’s what we like to see. That’s what makes our job so worthwhile at the shelter.

If you have adopted an animal from Tupelo Lee Humane Society please send us a picture, let us know how he or she is doing and give us some information about you. We love hearing about the animals who are living wonderful lives in their forever homes and will post your pictures and stories on these pages.

With your help we can save more dogs like Dixie, and help them find loving families. We love hearing how our pets who have found homes are doing. We work with no-kill rescue groups both in and out of state. Many of these groups rely on donations just like we do in order to help as many animals as possible. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Save A Life fund. You have helped make these wonderful stories possible. If you have a Pupdate you’d like to share with us send it to Also, consider clicking here to donate to our Save A Life fund!