On June 19th, the good Samaritan who picked Benny up off the side of the road brought him to the shelter. Benny was covered in burnt motor oil and had burns to most his face and body. Benny’s face and head suffered the most damage. It was as if his skin was just melting off him. He could not even open his eyes, which led shelter staff to worry Benny would lose his eyesight.

This sweet boy had obviously forgiven whoever had been so cruel to him. He did not let the cruelty of a few dissolve his trust in all humans. All Benny wanted was to be loved and give kisses.

At the time, TLHS was preparing for a large transport of dogs up north. We contacted the rescue to see if they could take on Benny as well. The rescue posted his picture and story, and within minutes they had a foster willing to care for him.

On top of the burns, Benny also had the mange. When he was tested for heartworms, he turned out to be heartworm positive. The rescue still agreed to take him.

On June 21st Lissa, who would soon be Benny’s mom, saw his picture from the rescue and showed her son Evan the sad post. She knew she wanted to help this sweet puppy dog.

On June 25th tragedy struck Lissa’s home and forever change her life. Lissa and her husband Greg lost all their pets including their daughter’s two dogs they were pet sitting in a house fire. They also lost their sweet nine-year-old son Evan.

Benny arrived at his rescue on June 27th. That’s when Lissa saw his post again on the rescue’s Facebook page. She knew she had to have him. She messaged the rescue and a meet and greet was arranged. It was love at first sight.

Benny remained with his foster Mia who medically cared for him until his adoption on Aug 5th. Benny’s happy ending continued after his adoption. On Aug 15th, Benny became a certified therapy service dog and is winning hearts all over the world.

When speaking with Lissa, she says Benny is a Godsend. She truly believes Evan had a hand in bringing her and Benny together. Evan was the first person Lissa originally shared Benny’s post with. He had such love and compassion for animals. Evan knew how upset and sad Lissa was after seeing Benny’s picture and hearing his horror story.

Now, Benny will never have to worry about not being cared for again. If you are a Save A Life Donor, thank you. You are the ones who made Benny’s Journey possible. You are the ones who gave this story its happy ending.

Money collected from our Save A Life program is used to offset the costs required to transport these babies to rescue shelters. If you would like to become a Save A Life Donor call us at (662) 841-6501 for more information.
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Pupdate: Benny’s Journey