how your pet can help you keep your new years resolution

New Year resolutions are supposed to help us be better humans but more often than not, we forget them and go back to our old ways before January ends. But if you have a pet, you have one of the best tools to help you keep your resolution to live better all year long. Here are just a few ways your pets can help.

  • Pets help manage stress. If you want to live better, decreasing the amount of stress in your life is a must. Studies have shown that petting, hugging and playing with your pets is an instant stress-reliever. Plus, when you play with your pet you get a bit of exercise–another great natural stress reducer.
  • They help you get more exercise. Want to get or stay fit without hitting the gym regularly? Just take Hutch for a walk or nature hike or outside for a game of catch. Make plans to exercise with your pet a few times a week and staying in shape will be a cinch.
  • Pets encourage you to try new things. One of the most common NYE resolutions is to try something new. If you don’t know where to begin looking for something different to do start by looking at your pets. Volunteer at the animal shelter, join a pooch playgroup, or look for a pet-friendly activity like doggy dancing! If your pup has the personality, you could even look into getting your doggy certified as a therapy dog so you can volunteer together to help someone in need.
  • Pets help you stick to a routine. Want to manage your day-to-day life better in 2019? Maintaining your pet’s routine also helps you maintain yours. Set your daily tasks around your pet parent obligations and you’ll have a stress-free routine in no time.