Jennifer SchmidtJennifer Schmidt

Jennifer began fostering with Tupelo-Lee Humane Society about a year ago. We are thankful she took the time to help us save so many precious lives. Most of the time we get a lot of new mama cats and kittens at the shelter in the spring. By fostering mama cats and kittens, Jessica has helped us not only by freeing up space in our cages, but also by socializing the kittens and getting them use to humans so they can find forever homes. She also wasn’t shy about taking in one kitty that had only 3 legs and a feral kitten who she turned into the sweetest, loving kitty.

Jennifer is a medical student and will be moving away to finish up her schooling. We wish her the best of luck in her future and hope she finds another shelter to help save lives. We will miss her hard work and dedication. Thank you, Jennifer, for being such an important member of our team!

The pictures are just a handful of lives she forever changed.Jennifer Schmidt received_1010438977085584312721861_10104294419321083_907418066_n